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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oracle SQL Developer & Named MSSQL Instance

Its a small tip to connect to a ‘Named MSSQL Instance’ using Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer allows you to connect to any database which has supported JDBC drivers. You can add these drivers either using “Help –> Check for Updates” and by selecting “Third Party SQL Developer Extensions” option. This will list available updates, from which you can select the needed drivers. Second option is adding these drivers from your local drive using “Tools –> Preferences” and by selecting the “Database –> Third Party JDBC Drivers” option from the tree given in the left column.
If you installed needed driver for MSSQL database you’ll get the tab “SQL Server” on the New Database Connection window. If you observe this window, you’ll see that there is no text field/option to provide “Database Instance Name”. This window is simple to create a Database Connection to Unnamed MSSQL Database Instance. The big question is how do we create a connection to a Named MSSQL Database Instance!
Its really simple – All you need to do is add this information to the “Port” text field.

In the above example, I’ve used ‘1433’ which is the default port number for MSSQL. And the Instance I am trying to connect to, is ‘MyInstance’. Well that is all you need!, Happy Querying!!!

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striker said...

this will connect you to themaster database of your second instance. You forgot to specify the database, say AdventureWorks in Instance2

The code will be

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