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Monday, June 7, 2010

Attaching Source/Java Doc - In Eclipse

Its really simple to attach Source code/Java Doc in eclipse, for a library you are using in your application. Select the project for which you want to do the changes.
  1. Go to Project Menu –> Properties
  2. Select Libraries Tab
  3. Select and expand the Jar file for which you want to add source code/Java doc.
  4. This will show you the options "Source attachment" and "JavaDoc Location".
  5. Select "Source attachment" option, this will enable 'Edit' button.
  6. Click on Edit button, this will open "Source Attachment Configuration" dialog.
  7. Here you need to provide the location of the source code to be attached. You can provide either compressed [jar/zip] file Or directory location of the source code. And after providing the location press OK.

Simple isn't it. For attaching JavaDoc select the option "JavaDoc" instead of "Source attachment" in the above mentioned step, and click on Edit. For JavaDoc you can either provide URL as location Or provide a location of the compressed file. For both "Source attachment" and "JavaDoc" you can also provide location by selecting a directory from the current workspace.


Joshua said...

thanks, it works!

Q said...

thank you, short and effective.

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