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Changing Eclipse Workspace

Easy way to do this, go to “File->Switch Workspace”. This option will show you previously used workspaces. You can select workspace you want to use, if the one you want to use is listed in it. If not then select “Other” option. This will open “Workspace Launcher” dialog. This dialog will allow you to choose the directory which you want to use as workspace. Simple isn’t it!
Well the hard way of doing this – Open the “ECLIPSE_HOME/configuration/.settings” directory, in this directory you’ll find a file “org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs”. Open this file using any text editor like Notepad/Wordpad. This file contains workspace related configuration. “SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG” and “RECENT_WORKSPACES” are the ones concerned to changing workspace.
SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG – This property will have either “true/false” value. If this property is set to true, then next time when you open eclipse, it’ll open “Workspace Launcher” dialog through which you can select the directory which you…

Oracle SQL Developer & Named MSSQL Instance

Its a small tip to connect to a ‘Named MSSQL Instance’ using Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer allows you to connect to any database which has supported JDBC drivers. You can add these drivers either using “Help –> Check for Updates” and by selecting “Third Party SQL Developer Extensions” option. This will list available updates, from which you can select the needed drivers. Second option is adding these drivers from your local drive using “Tools –> Preferences” and by selecting the “Database –> Third Party JDBC Drivers” option from the tree given in the left column.
If you installed needed driver for MSSQL database you’ll get the tab “SQL Server” on the New Database Connection window. If you observe this window, you’ll see that there is no text field/option to provide “Database Instance Name”. This window is simple to create a Database Connection to Unnamed MSSQL Database Instance. The big question is how do we create a connection to a Named MSSQL Database Instance…

Auto Scrolling Java Script Component

Well after a long break, here I am, back with a component which might be useful for web developers/designers. In this post I’ll try to explain Auto Scrolling Java script component. You might think Auto Scrolling is very old topic and you’ll find many examples of this kind. Even I was thinking the same couple of months ago. I was supposed to work on something similar to this, I thought I can use some existing components with out putting effort to write my own. But ended up writing my own Auto Scrolling component. Reason – Those examples I found did not fit my requirement and are really complicated for a common developer to understand and plugin to existing code. This component is small, simple and can be plugged in to any piece of code [at least my perception] with out any effort. All the source code is free for every body to use [this is also one of the constraint I wrote my own], download it using the links provided a the end of this article. Why wait, lets get on with it.
This comp…