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Simple DAO API Using JDBC

Update: Source code now available @
This article is about the "Simple DAO API" which I wrote using JDBC API to assist database programming. This TINY LITTLE API containing 7 classes [Not exactly an API, you can not call a set of 7 classes as API I guess]; is INSPIRED by the SPRING DAO classes and is intended for those beginners who just started learning JDBC and trying their small examples, class assignments and for those who are trying to develop small desktop applications, small Servlet based web applications. For this kind of development it'll be difficult to use the those very nice features of APIs like Spring to ease database programming, as it requires bit of time to understand the Spring API, and most of the times you end up not using all the features of the API. You can find the links to download the source code at the end of this article.
As I mentioned above these classes were written after getting inspired by the Spr…