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Java Communications API – Configuration How To

Java Communication API is an extension from Sun to program for Serial/Parallel ports. Sun’s implementation of this specification can be found at "", there is also a third party Open Source implementation available at "". Java is platform Independent, but you need some platform specific implementation to access Serial/Parallel ports, and that is why you need to do some extra work to use Java Communication API.
First download the API binaries from "" page. Extract it and follow the steps given below for Windows platform.
If you are just trying execute programs already written using just JRE, then
Copy rxtxParallel.dll to JRE_HOME\bin\Copy rxtxSerial.dll to JRE_HOME\bin\Copy RXTXcomm.jar to JRE_HOME\lib\ext\ If you are writing you own applications/programs, compiling and executing them, then
Copy rxtxParallel.dll to JDK_HOME\jre\bin…