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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eclipse Tips

In few situations, you want eclipse to refresh the project contents automatically. Its might be required when you changed the one/more files of an eclipse project in some other editor and you wanted eclipse to reflect those changes automatically. If you are using version control and when you get latest changes from repository, you want those changes to be reflected on your eclipse. This can be configured in eclipse easily.
Go to Window –> Preferences, in this  window select General –> Workspace from the tree in the left panel. When you select Workspace, you’ll see workspace related configuration options in the right panel. The top section will have three checkboxes, one of them will "Refresh Automatically". Select this checkbox and click OK.
Another feature which could be handy is to see different Icons for different file types like Interfaces, Classes, Abstract Classes, etc. You can set this in Window –> Preferences window. In this window select General –> Appearance –> Label Decorations option. You’ll see a big list of options in the right panel. Select the check box for "Java Type Indicator".


skroderider said...

Rskesh, it's surprising that you've not put any mechanism on your blog to contact you directly :). Is there any way of contacting you?

Rakesh Reddy said...

Hi, It is available now :)
Thank you for pointing it!

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