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About Rakesh.A

Rakesh Reddy
As the URL and other parts of this blog says, I am Rakesh.A, a techie form Hyderabad, India. I am working for coMakeIT, Hyderabad as a Sr. Software Engineer, that's about me in short.
How I ended up in this profession? - Well when I was doing my schooling I never thought I'll be into this profession, infact I wasn't that interested in Information Technology/Software Development, so never concentrated on it even after my parents stressed to get into it. After couple of years, I saw myself doing the same. And now I can't even think of myself being in a different profession. Anything I can do with whole heart, that's only PROGRAMMING/DEVELOPMENT.
As every student who got into this profession, I felt my FIRST LOVE with 'C language', and I love coding in C. Then I started learning Object Oriented Programming and got attracted to 'C++ language', but it was 'JAVA' in which I saw my soul mate. That's it I got married to it and settled. I've been working on various Java Technologies since I started my career, and I love to program in Java. When ever I develop an application, I feel like an Artist marvel about his Art work, funny right :), but that's how I feel.
After being into this profession for couple of years, I learnt great deal of things from great people I worked with, and then one day I thought why can't I share this knowledge to others, and be helpful to those who need it!.
I actually have big ideas for this concept, but couldn't find time to fulfill it, so as an initiation towards what I dreamt, I started this blog. I'll be posting about things I learnt about efficient programming to other related things like Web/App servers, build scripts, etc. In short all the things I know, and I learnt. Hope this blog helps few people who are looking for it.
Now so much about technical things, apart from Programming/Development, I love reading books, and love playing Badminton, and Cricket. I spend most of my time at home - reading, coding, watching TV and occasionally get into kitchen :), I don't like to go out and have fun, but I love to go to movies with friends. My favorites - God Father, Lord of the Rings trilogies, Good Fellas, Galdiator... list goes on!


Sharath Kedika said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabha said…
Nice intro Raks.. all the best :)
Sundar Paul said…
Hero Intro adhirindhi :-)
praharsha said…
javalo antha unda anna
naresh_java said…
hi rakesh

dynamic vertical accordion(with child root hyperlink and content should be displayed in the sama page without page navigation)
so plz help me
Rakesh Reddy said…
Naresh: I'd love to help, but I couldn't get your problem clearly! Can you please be a bit elaborate about it please :)
yuva said…
Googd going.Useful tips about java

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